R&S®DDF007 Portable Direction Finder

Brief Description

The R&S®DDF007 portable direction finder has an integrated, fast wideband receiver that covers a very wide frequency range. The battery-operated unit relies on high-precision DF methods. The R&S®DDF007 is used in conjunction with compact DF antennas, making it ideal for all applications that call for a powerful yet handy direction finder.

The DF system consists of the R&S®DDF007 portable direction finder and a compact DF antenna (R&S®ADD107 or R&S®ADD207). The DF antennas come with an integrated GPS module, an electronic compass and an optional magnetic mount vehicle adapter. Installing the portable direction finder in a commercial vehicle therefore takes no more than a few minutes.


Picture R&S®DDF007 Portable Direction Finder

Key Facts

  • Wide frequency range from 20 MHz to 6 GHz (DF mode) and 9 kHz to 7.5 GHz (receive mode)
  • High-precision correlative interferometer DF method in the range above 173 MHz
  • Integrated, fast wideband receiver with optional panorama scan for fast scanning of wide frequency ranges
  • Compact, multi-element DF antennas with integrated GPS module and electronic compass; optional magnetic mount adapter for fast antenna installation on a vehicle roof
  • Optional, integrated map display function including triangulation for transmitter location by means of a running fix
  • Compact, lightweight lithium-ion battery pack for two hours of DF operation or four hours of receive operation on a single battery charge